September 2010 Issue:
The message in Yes We Can is that "Black male students can achieve high outcomes---states, districts and communities can create the conditions in which all students have an opportunity to learn---the tragedy is ... most states and districts in the U.S. choose not to do so." Yes We Can: Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males.
If you've heard about or seen the movie "Waiting for Superman," you know that it portrays public schools as failures and charters as a panacea.
The movie oversimplifies and makes an emotional appeal for a false solution to a problem it misrepresents.
A Florida trial court rejected the state's motion to dismiss Citizens for Strong Schools v. Florida State Bd. of Educ, and plaintiffs in California filed a case alleging that schools are unconstitutionally charging fees for courses for academic credit, among other litigation news.
The media regularly covers great charter schools, and news stories about low-performing public schools abound. It would be easy to conclude that charter schools are, on average, better than public schools. It would also be wrong.
For over 10 years, Arizona has implemented a ground-breaking process for financing and building schools statewide. "Building a Sustained School Facilities Remedy: Arizona's Innovative Blueprint for Capital Funding," by Molly A. Hunter, recounts the Roosevelt education-quality litigation, which challenged the state system for funding school facilities. The Roosevelt remedy ended a finance system that caused enormous disparities in school buildings, depending on the relative wealth of school districts.
Month of September -- Trial in Flores v. State, an Equal Educational Opportunity Act (EEOA) case in the Federal District Court of Arizona.
September 27-28 -- "Litigators' Workshop for Education Justice," Chicago, by invitation only.
October 12, 2010 -- Education Law Center will release a new national report card on fair school funding.
October 17-18 -- "The Family: America's Smallest School," Washington, DC. On Monday, the 18th, David Sciarra, ELC Executive Director, will speak on "Proven Interventions for Children and Families: Advancing Access to Quality Early Education."
October 18-19 -- BEST (Building Educational Success Together) partners' meeting in Washington, DC, regarding improving urban public school buildings and promoting best practices in school facility planning, design, construction, management and funding.
November 1-2 -- Center for Civil Rights Advocacy Conference, "The Unfinished Work" Advancing New Strategies in the Struggle for Civil Right at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Click here to register.
November 10-12 -- "Education Equity", Princeton, NJ
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The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.

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